About Us

Nectar Waterproofing and Applied Coatings, often referred to as, NECTAR, is an experienced waterproofing business, servicing the whole of the greater Auckland area.

Our team provide a variety of waterproofing options for residential, commercial and industrial sites, internal and external jobs, for new builds, renovations, remedial and maintenance requirements.

NECTAR is run by Mathew Anderson, who is a qualified builder, by trade, with over 20 years’ experience, in the building industry. Mathew set up his own building company, Renov8 Builders Ltd, in 2003. After running his building company for nearly 15 years, he saw the need for good quality waterproofing and decided to focus more on the waterproofing aspect of building and so, started NECTAR Waterproofing and Applied Coatings in 2012.

Good quality waterproofing is one of the most important aspects of building. If you don’t get it right from the start it can cause major problems later. Many waterproofing related issues do not become obvious for months or even years after construction has been completed. Fixing these leaky issues can end up costing considerably more than getting the correct waterproofing installed originally. Too often, only the basic waterproofing is installed. Waterproofing is often hidden behind walls, decks or roofs and isn’t nearly as exciting as buying that new fridge, T.V, or expensive tiles/tapware for your home. But waterproofing your home or building properly, in the first place will long outlast that stainless steel double door fridge or Italian marble tiles you want for your bathroom.

The team at NECTAR know waterproofing and can advise you on waterproofing your structure and the best products to use for the areas required, whether you’re building a new structure or you have an area with a leak.

  • We work with architects, builders, project managers, property managers and homeowners.
  • We source waterproofing materials from suppliers that stand behind their products by working with us, the client and if necessary the architect. Our suppliers also provide strong product guarantees for their materials.
  • We supply a workmanship guarantee for our work because we stand behind our workmanship.
  • We can provide you with a Record of Work for Restricted Building Work, if required, as Mathew is a Licensed Builder Practitioner under the New Zealand Government’s Licensed Building Practitioners’ Scheme and
  • We are registered with the Auckland Council as an approved producer statement author for Waterproofing and Tanking, which means we can provide a Producer Statement (PS3) for the Auckland Council for your waterproofing requirements.

Although waterproofing is a big part of our business, it is not all we do. We also apply liquid coatings to floors, walls and other surfaces. This may be to make them look new again and/or slip-resistant. We can fill holes in concrete surfaces or give them a different colour other than the normal grey colour of concrete. Perfect for, but not limited to, floor coatings for garages, commercial workshops, resurfacing of footpaths, car parks and school playgrounds, to applying slip resistant coatings to trafficable or wet areas. We can do it.

There are so many options out there. So whether you don’t know what you need and need help, or you do know and need to get it done, The NECTAR team can help. We can find a solution for your waterproofing or concrete surface, give you a price and get the work done. Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.