AquaFlex Roof Premium

  • A water-based polyurethane liquid waterproofing membrane
  • Suitable for new and existing roofs, decks, walls, walkways
  • May be applied on concrete, ceramic and stone tiles, fibre cement slabs, galvanised sheet, steel and iron
  • NZ Product Supplier – Mapei

Bituthene 3000

  • A full and permanent waterproofing damp proof membrane
  • Consisting of a modified bitumen sheet comprising of modified bitumen on a cross laminated polyethylene backing which is a continuous reinforcement. It is a self-adhesive sheet membrane for waterproofing below ground external walls.
  • Suitable for tanking and below grade tanking (walls buried below ground).
  • Prevents water from entering the wall or building structure from the ground.
  • NZ Product Supplier – Allnex Construction Products

Casali Dermabit Extra

  • A torch-on waterproofing membrane for nominally flat, pitched and curved roofs, gutters, parapets and decks.
  • Installed as a multi-layer system with a mineral chip finished product
  • The compound used in Dermabit® membranes contains distilled bitumen and the latest generation of technopolymers (APAO) that ensure excellent properties of flexibility, elasticity and adherence as well as making Dermabit extremely resistant to aging.
  • NZ Product Supplier – Allco Waterproofing Solutions

duroTuff TPO

  • A single layer TPO (thermo plastic polyolefin) glue fastened waterproofing membrane suitable for roofs, gutters, parapets and decks
  • No fire risk on older houses
  • NZ Product Supplier – Waterproofing Systems


  • Specifically designed as a non flexible membrane coating for waterproofing concrete substrates to be used on areas subjected to dampness and water seepage
  • A water based 2 part epoxy hardener coating gives it excellent adhesive properties to cementitious substrates such as masonry, concrete and block, can be applied to dry or damp surfaces.
  • A premium negative-faced waterproofing solution.
  • NZ Product Supplier – Caveman Concrete


  • Johns Manville (JM) TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a mechanically or glue fastened waterproofing membrane for roofs, gutters, parapets and decks.
  • Comes in either fleece-backed which is ideal for re-roofing or non-fleece-backed
  • NZ Product Supplier – Allco Waterproofing Solutions

rawMAT Bentonite Tanking

  • A fully pre-hydrated sodium bentonite tanking system for the waterproofing of below ground structures
  • The initial bentonite hydration occurs under factory controlled conditions
  • Highly resistant to the effects of water contaminants due to already being pre-hydrated
  • NZ Product Supplier – Waterproofing Systems

Volclay Swelltite

  • A tanking waterproofing membrane for masonery block and concrete foundation walls to protect the structure from water penetration
  • A sheet membrane made up of a blend of Sodium Bentonite and Butyl Rubber integrally bonded between geomembrane and a clear poly-siliconised release liner.
  • Must be confined and protected against damage
  • Must be backfilled the same day or whenever rain is imminent.
  • Exposed laps must be protected from the weather and termination bars must be sealed with an approved sealant
  • NZ Product Supplier – Allco Waterproofing Solutions

Volclay Voltex

  • A tanking waterproofing membrane for underslabs and footings to protect the structure from water ingress
  • Is made up of two geotextile matting membranes, one non-woven and one woven that are needle punched together containing sodium bentonite which has high-swelling and self-sealing properties.
  • Must be confined and protected against damage
  • NZ Product Supplier – Allco Waterproofing Solutions

Volclay Accessories:

Waterstop RX

  • A flexible strip waterstop manufactured from 75% Sodium Bentonite and 25% Butyl Rubber.
  • Is primarily designed to stop water infiltration through both vertical and horizontal concrete, construction joints, junctions between new and existing construction, irregular surfaces and around wall penetrations such as plumbing and electrical conduits.

Waterstoppage Granules

  • A granular Volclay Bentonite used to detail areas that may require additional Volclay protection

Voclay Seamtape

  • A tacky butyl rubber tape used to seal Swelltite overlap seams and membrane edges from inclement weather and construction debris

Volclay® M-2000 Liquid Flashing

  • Trowel grade bitumen modified polyurethane waterproofing mastic used to detail around penetrations, drains and at corner transitions.


  • A two part polymer modified, cement based system used to detail ground level terminations.


  • Trowel-grade, sodium bentonite/butyl rubber based sealant designed for a variety of surface preparation and waterproof detailing work with Swelltite and Voltex waterproofing membranes.