Basement and underground tanking

To protect your below ground structure from water damage you need to waterproof it.

Waterproofing of below ground areas, also known as tanking, is one of the most important areas of a building to be waterproofed as this is the foundation on which your building stands. It can also be one of the most costly and hard to get to areas if not done correctly.

For most below ground projects, NECTAR prefer to use the Volclay Waterproofing System from Allco Waterproofing Solutions or rawMAT bentonite tanking from Waterproofing Systems.  We believe these to be the most superior tanking systems on the market in New Zealand due to the sodium bentonite properties that the membranes contain.

Torch-on membranes can also be a good option, provided there is a good level of clearance between the wall to be tanked and the side of the excavation when installing the membrane, as using a blow torch carries a fire risk.

For areas or sites that are well drained with low chances of hydrostatic pressure, we can apply a peel and stick product.