Waterproofing for Decks, Internal Gutters, Podiums, Roofs and Sills

We install waterproofing membranes for new structures and repair or replace existing membranes.

There are various different membrane options for the waterproofing of decks, internal gutters, podiums, roofs, and window/door sills.

Types of membranes we use and recommend are:

  • Torch-on
  • TPO (ThermoPlastic Polyolefin)
  • Liquid products

Waterproofing is an essential part of the building process. When water gets into a building it can cause major structural problems. By the time you see water damage inside your building, it has often already caused problems where you can’t see them.

When choosing a membrane, factors to consider are:

  • The surface material that needs waterproofing, i.e., wood, concrete, etc…,
  • What the area to be waterproofed is used for, i.e. is it a trafficable area
  • Will another covering be going over the waterproof membrane, such as tiles or wood for a deck
  • The size and location of the area
  • Whether there are habitable areas below
  • What sort of look you want or will you not see it
  • Cost of waterproofing

If your architect has not specified a membrane then NECTAR can advise you on the right waterproofing membrane for your job, whether it be for a new build, renovation or remedial work. If necessary, often with a Council consented job, a specification is required. We can work with waterproofing membrane suppliers who can provide you with the written specification.