Waterproofing/resurfacing for concrete walls, floors, sills, outdoor areas

To protect your below ground structure from water damage you need to waterproof it.

Waterproofing of below ground areas, also known as tanking, is one of the most important areas of a building to be waterproofed as this is the foundation on which your building stands. It can also be one of the most costly and hard to get to areas if not done correctly.

You may have a concrete area that does not need to be waterproofed but may require resurfacing or rejuvenating.

Resurfacing gives any concrete surface a new lease of life.

For example, you may have an old garage floor that has oil stains and other dirt marks. We can clean and seal it and maybe tint it with a different colour to make it look new again.

An old concrete path or carpark may have holes/potholes in it. We can fill the holes and resurface where required.